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The twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) took place from 30 November to 11 December 2015, in Paris, France. The conference gave as main result an international consensus agreed by representatives of 196 parties, the Paris Agreement that will be signed and adopted during 2016-2017.

The session on ‚ÄúCan Countries in transition/development really go fully green and if yes, how best?‚ÄĚ organised by Dialogue Caf√© Novi Pazar in June 2015, provided us the opportunity to identify a cycle of sessions focused on green societies and aimed at sharing smart practices implemented at the local level by different stakeholders (municipalities, civil society organisations, universities, citizens, youth organisations).

Can countries fully go green NP


This session is focused on how to build on green societies is to raise awareness about the commitments adopted in the Paris Agreement and promote smart practices implemented at the local level by municipalities, civil society organisations, universities, citizens, youth organisations.  Indeed, sharing knowledge and research between universities and organisations promoting green societies. The topics to be discussed are: Paris Agreement: bringing new challenges at the glocal level? and Sharing smart practices implemented at the local level.

This session which will be held next 21 September 2016 from 16h to 17h30 London time, will connect DCs based in Cidade de Praia (tbc), √Čvora, Lisbon, Novi Pazar and Rio de Janeiro.

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Breaking News! РDialogue Café London is looking for creative partners! 2 2

We’re looking for dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative partners to host and manage a Dialogue Caf√© in London. This is truly an amazing opportunity to take part in a groundbreaking social venture and to represent London in the global Dialogue Caf√© network.

Dialogue and Be Happy!

There is no typical Dialogue Caf√© partner – we’re working with schools, universities, galleries and museums, local governments, foundations, social innovation centres and community hubs. The three things that Dialogue Caf√© partners have in common are: creative, entrepreneurial people to manage the Dialogue Caf√©; a space (60-80m¬≤) which is open, accessible and easy to get to; links to networks who would be interested in taking part in and using Dialogue Caf√©.

The DC is ready to be moved and installed. We provide the equipment and will integrate you in the network.

We welcome expressions of interest and proposals from any group or organization that could provide one, two or all of the above.

For more information contact us at: helenabarroco(at) or daliasendra(at)

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Session on Cultural Management and Social Inclusion 0 Reply

We are pleased to annouce the organisation of a global debate on Session on Cultural Management and Social Inclusion. This session is organised by Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro as part of a cycle on Sharing Knowledge on Cultural Management.

2016 Youth HHRR Activism S1_05

The aim of this global conversation is to discuss issues relating to cultural management, its challenges, perspectives and development in the framework of a global society. The first session is aimed at sharing good practices on culture for development projects. The second session will focused on museums.

Dialogue Cafes participating in this session are DC¬†√Čvora¬†(√Čvora Tech), DC Lisbon (Calouste Gulbekian Foundation), DC¬†Novi Pazar (Centar Duga), and¬† DC Rio de Janeiro (UCAM).¬†

Download the final programme.

Join this global conversation!

Enrich it with your own experience and views!

Please sign up by emailing us.


New Dialogue Cafe in Cidade de Praia!



Opening DC Cidade de Praia


We are so happy to annouce that Dialogue Cafe Network will be strengthened with a new DC in Cidade de Praia (Cape Verde). In partnership with the Institute Pedro Pires for Leadership (Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança), Dialogue Cafe will bring in dialogue youth, women, civil society organisations and people from Cape Verde together!

Keep posted and follow us to know the details of its opening.

Launch a Dialogue Cafe in your city 


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Call for Expression of Interest: Training on Youth on transforming conflict and peace building 0 Reply

We are now looking to schedule further trainings for 2016 on diversity, creativity and innovation within the enterprise; youth transforming conflict; peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue; social entrepreneurship and changemaking to ensure that the members of our network have access to non-formal and informal trainings in order to promote social innovation and intercultural dialogue in our societies, main objective of Dialogue Café network.
In this framework, in August 2016, Dialogue Caf√© Association will organise a training programme¬†on Training on Youth on transforming conflict and peace building‚ÄĚ
for young adults/students interested on peacebuilding, transforming conflict and intercultural dialogue.

Youth Transforming Conflict - Call


We wish to ensure that training sessions are organised according to demand and interest. If you or representatives from your organisation/company would consider attending this training, contact us by 30 July 2016, for more detailed information and registration.

Registration is required and participants should participate in all programme consisting in 5 sessions to receive a certificate of participation. The sessions will be scheduled as soon as a minimum of 5 participants is confirmed in each participating Dialogue Café (Evora, Cidade de Praia, Florence, Lisbon, Novi Pazar, Rio de Janeiro).

Check-out the Youth Transforming Conflict РConcept Paper.


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Booktubers join us e partilhem! 0 Reply

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro is organising in partnership with the CESAP | Centre for Applied Social Studies of the Candido Mendes University of Rio de Janeiro a Session of exchange between booktubers from Brazil and Portugal.


The session will be held next 06 July from 17h00 to 18h30 (London time) in DC Rio (Universidade C√Ęndido Mendes – UCAM) and DC Lisbon (Funda√ß√£o Calouste Gulbenkian).

Download the concept paper (in english) and the provisional programme (in portuguese).

If you are a booktuber or are interested by,

do not hesitate and join us!!





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