Censorship in a global and changing world: religion, politics and economics. 0 Reply

Challenges journalists face are somehow the same as ever, but they have also changed. Censorship is still a very important issue, but its forms changed. And sometimes they are not clear. That’s why is important to talk about it. In the 21st century censorship exists in various forms. What are they, and what consequences do they bring to journalism and societies in general? These are all important questions that need to be discussed.

2015.03.25 - DC Interreligious Trust - 4

With this purpose, and in the framework of the cycle of sessions ‚ÄúChanging societies, changing journalism: a global discussion on the future of journalism‚ÄĚ led by the University Institute of Lisbon ISCTE ‚Äď IUL (Portugal) and Dialogue Caf√© Lisbon, a first global session on¬†¬†‚ÄúCensorship in a global and changing world: religion, politics and economics‚ÄĚ will be held next Friday 24 April from 14h00 to 15h30 (London time). ¬†¬†

Special speakers will include notably: in DC Lisbon (Calouste Gulbekian Foundation), Ana Catarina Santos, Journalist, TSF and Paulo Pena, Journalist, P√ļblico; in DC Rio de Janeiro (UCAM University), Maur√≠cio Santoro, former adviser on human rights at Amnesty International; and directly from DC Novi Pazar (Centar Duga), Nikola Kocovic, Journalist, Radio 100, among many others.¬†There will also be participants in DC Florence (RFK Center) and in DC √Čvora (√Čvora Tech) taking part in this global conversation.

Join us and enrich this global conversation with your own experience and views!

Send us your registration no later than 22 April.

Contact us for more detailed information : info at dialoguecafe.org




What Makes You Happy? Join us and tell us! 0 Reply

The third World Happiness Report will be released on April 23rd, 2015. In anticipation of the release, the Dialogue Cafe Lisbon is proposing a unique session combining reflection and some practical activities that will increase your feeling of happiness!

One of our biggest advances in life has been in figuring out what causes happiness ‚ÄĒ and what doesn‚Äôt. For example, everyone wants to be happy. By increasing your level of happiness within yourself, you can affect your relationships in a more positive way.


Dialogue and Be Happy!

Dialogue and Be Happy!

But have you ever noticed how some people have few material possessions, yet seem very happy, while others have an abundance of material wealth, yet seem very unhappy? How can some people remain strong through many crises, while others fall apart over nothing? If money and possessions don’t determine happiness, what does?

The Dialogue Cafe Network wants to upon this topical issue and gain some practical insights about what to do live…Happier life!!!

With this purpose, together with the Asociação Sorrir Dialogue Cafe Network will organise a World Smile Dance !

Join us and Be Happy!

For more detailed information, contact us to info at dialoguecafe.pt or daliasendra at casadoregalo.pt.



Save the Date! РDialogue Café Activities in April 0 Reply


DC Calendar of Activities - April 2015

DC Calendar of Activities – April 2015

Kindly find attached our DC РCalendar of activities 2015 РApril. For more information, contact us at: info at dialoguecafe.org



Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Caf√© √Čvora (Portugal) 0 Reply

The¬†Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Caf√© √Čvora (Portugal),¬†¬†a new initiative of the¬†Dialogue¬†Caf√© Association¬†and ADRAL, the Ag√™ncia de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo,¬†will be¬†held at the Dialogue Caf√© √Čvora in √Čvora Tech¬†on Tuesday 14 April from 10h00 to 12h00 GMT.

Special guests will include,¬†Jorge Sampaio¬†(former President of Portugal, former UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations and Chair of the Dialogue Caf√© Association),¬†Carlos Pinto de S√°, President of the Municipality of √Čvora,¬†Alfredo Barroso, President of the Administrative Council of ADRAL,¬†Sofia Tenreiro, Director General of CISCO Portugal, and¬†Helena Barroco, Dialogue Caf√© Association, among many other participants.


DC Novi Pazar - Opening

DC Novi Pazar – Opening


A special session connecting¬†Dialogue Caf√© √Čvora¬†in¬†√Čvora Tech,¬†Dialogue Caf√© Lisbon¬†in the¬†Gulbenkian Calouste Foundation,¬†Dialogue Caf√© Florence¬†in the¬†Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and¬†Dialogue Cafe Novi Pazar¬†in the¬†Centar Duga¬†will be held from 11h15 to 12h (GMT). Check-out the final¬†Programme Opening DC √Čvora.

Join us and know Dialogue Caf√© √Čvora!

For more detailed information and registration please contact us by emailing info@dialoguecafe.org or lina.cinzas@adral.pt.



Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Caf√© Novi Pazar and Session on “Minority rights, non-discrimination and gender equality” 0 Reply

The Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Café Novi Pazar (Serbia),  a new initiative of the Dialogue Café Association, the United Nations in Serbia and the Cultural Centre Novi Pazar, will be held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (Portugal) and the Centar Duga in Novi Pazar (Serbia) on wednesday 1st April from 12h00 to 13h00 GMT.

Special guests will include notably from¬†Novi Pazar (Serbia),¬†Fatima Durovińá, director of DUGA center Novi Pazar; Milorad Kondińá,¬†UNA Serbia; Irena Voj√°ńćkov√° ‚Äď Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator; Masafumi Kuroki, Japanese Embassy; Mehmet Kemal Bozaj, Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia; Meho Mahmutovińá, Mayor of Novi Pazar. And directly from Lisbon (Portugal), Helena Barroco, Vice-president of DC Association.

2015.03.25 - DC Interreligious Trust - 4

This ceremony will followed by the first session of the programme led by DC Novi Pazar on¬†Minority rights, non-discrimination and gender equality in the light of EU Candidate status ‚Äď experiences of new EU member states¬†(from¬†13h00 to 14h30 GMT).

Special speakers will include notably from¬†Novi Pazar (Serbia),¬†Nevena ńźakovińá, member of the Project team UNA-Serbia (Moderator), Almir PruŇĺljanin, Advisor, Regional office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and Semir Tutińá, Sandzak Committee for protection of human rights and freedoms, among many others.¬†There will also be participants in¬†DC Florence¬†taking part in this event.

Join us and Share your views!

For more detailed information and registration please contact us no later than 31 March, by emailing Dalia Sendra (daliasendra@casadoregalo.pt).



Global Conversation on “Interethnic, interreligious trust, dialogue and cooperation ‚Äď sharing experiences and best practices” 0 Reply

The Dialogue Café Association together with the Dialogue Café Lisbon (Portugal) and the Dialogue Cafe Novi Pazar (Serbia) are organising an exceptional event that will be held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Dialogue Café room) on 25 March from 2h30 to 3h30pm (GMT) 

dialogue café WIHW 2014 Lisbon

Special guests will include notably: in Lisbon, Jorge Sampaio (former President of Portugal, former UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations and Chair of the Dialogue Café Association), Rebecca Abecassis (Journalist); and directly from Novi Pazar, (Serbia), Senad Ganic, (State Univesity of Novi Pazar), Almir Vucelj, (Assistant at OSCE Training Center), Ziba Sarenkapic (DamaD Culture Center), and Aleksandra Majstorovic, (Youth Office Novi Pazar), among many others. There will also be participants in Rio de Janeiro taking part in this event.

Join this global conversation and enrich it with your own experience and views!

Please sign up no later than 24 March, by emailing Dalia Sendra (daliasendra@casadoregalo.pt).


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