Arts and Design students from London, Paris and Cleveland accepted the V&A challenge after the Olympics to re-think the Modern Museums role in society and create groups to discuss specific topics like Sports & Visual Arts, Advertising, Branding, Fashion and the representation of the male and female body Vs appropriation of the idealised body.
The first session, co-hosted by London, Paris and Cleveland with Lisbon just watching, has been a true share of ideas and knowledge. In the Victorian & Albert Museum room, London, the students started showing the evolution of the athletic bodies (Olympics icons) in the last centuries. In Paris some students linked to the Musee de L’Art Moderne / Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation started their presentation with some pix of Linder, contemporary provocative artist. In Cleveland students came from the Institute of Art / Case Western Reserve. During almost 2h, all the students debated controversial gender issues and gender identity, posed a lot of questions to each others, mentioning male and female conventional symbols and underlining questions such as “are we sexualizing or empowering women?”, etc.

The aim of this and other sessions is to generate new ideas for the future. Next session will be co-hosted by Lisbon-Rio-London to discuss “Designing Sports, Technology &
Transport – Cultural / urban / Lifestyle changes”

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Thank you Augusta! your words are very important for us. Our work is made for the others, for a better worlds as you mentioned. See you soon!
daliasendra on 2017.10.25