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Second session co-hosted by the Victoria & Albert Museum to bring together Design students and other young people’s groups based in Paris, Cleveland, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, to present and discuss topics revolving around the major theme “Design, Culture and… Sports”

Both dialogues triggered constructive and creative discussions around topics like the representation of the body: sports and body branding, creating stereotypes and lifestyles; and transport, design and technology, social changes, urban regeneration, museums of the future; … and built up ideas to be presented during the evening of events “Game Changers”.

Aims and objectives of these sessions?
The project connects young members of museums from different backgrounds to promote knowledge and experience sharing and discussion of innovative ideas. These 2 sessions encouraged future V&A/DC collaborative projects towards cultural understanding and change making by/with young people within the cultural sector.

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Thank you Augusta! your words are very important for us. Our work is made for the others, for a better worlds as you mentioned. See you soon!
daliasendra on 2017.10.25