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DC Cycle 2016 - Global Exchange of Craft Makers S11 - Flyer


The main goal of the cycle Global Exchange of Crafts Makers is to promote exchanges and dialogue between different crafts makers around the world with the aim, in one hand, of identifying the challenges and opportunities of this promising creative sector in future economies, in the other hand, promoting a dialogue and transmission of know-how between traditional and innovative artisans, between senior and young generations.

Indeed, in today´s increasingly virtual world, making things by hand using centuries-old techniques, traditional crafts provided with a new design approach are fulfilling the market of online business and also starts-ups. In this context, crafts are also used as language for gentle protest and social change. Indeed, Craftivism is a form of activism addressing anti-capitalism, environmentalism, feminism or any other social issue or cause. Centered on practices of handicrafts, craftivism includes various forms of needlework among many other as ceramics, screen-printing, paperwork, wood, glass, illustration, etc.

In this framework, Dialogue Café Association and its members in Novi Pazar, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, are organising a session on Craftivism with the aim of sharing information about initiatives using crafts a powerful tool for gentle protest, social change, collective empowerment, personal development, but also action, expression and networking. During the session experts, makers and organisations from Portugal, Serbia and Brasil will be invited to present their knowledge, resources and share their experiences.

The session will take place next 23 November from 15h to 17h Lisbon time / 13h to 15h Rio de Janeiro time. 


DC Cycle 2016 - Global Exchange of Craft Makers S11 - Brochure 01

DC Cycle 2016 - Global Exchange of Craft Makers S11 - Brochure 02


Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Central Building Room 3):

Dialogue Café Novi Pazar (Centar Duga):

Special connection from Argentina:

With the participation of Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Candido Mendes)


Dialogue CafĂ© Association / Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) – Dalia Sendra (

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (Candido Mendes University) – Nina Kertzman (

Dialogue Café Novi Pazar – Fatima Durovic (



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Cycle on Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship and social innovation are at the heart of Dialogue Café Association mission. The recommendations received during the sessions organised in 2015 on women´s empowerment through creative industries and creative hubs and entrepreneurship for social change, and in 2016 on incubation  models for social and creative entrepreneurship: sharing knowledge and testimonials, gave us the opportunity to identify follow-up activities on social entrepreneurship.

In this framework a cycle of sessions on social entrepreneurship will be launched in 2017 with the aim of promoting global exchanges and networking opportunities as well as strengthening youth capacities and skills on social entrepreneurship. The cycle will address, once per month, a topic and challenge previously identified by the community and partners of Dialogue Café Network.

Session´s Overview

From ideas to implementation, social innovation initiatives are explicitly designed to meet a recognised social need, drive societal change by providing effective (than existing) solutions and empower beneficiaries by creating new roles, developing new communities, strengthening competences and focusing on their knowledge and capacities.

The application of social innovation strategies in the area of ageing is an interesting approach to tackle the challenges and opportunities of this 21st century main societal issue.

The objective of this session organised by Dialogue Café is in one hand, disseminate social innovation initiatives aimed at empowering elderly implemented in several and different countries; in other hand, provide to social entrepreneurs thinking on working in this field, inspiration and knowledge about good practices.

With this purpose, members of social innovation organisations working in the field of active-ageing and social entrepreneurs will be invited to join us and participate in this discussion.


Dialogue Café Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) 

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (Candido Mendes University):


Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon / Dialogue CafĂ© Association – Dalia Sendra (

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro – Nina Kertzman (


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