Yvon Le Roux: “It’s not always about money, it’s about passion!” 0 Reply

When we google Yvon Le Roux, we’re amazed with all his experience, initiatives, projects and knowledge. “As Vice-President of the Public Sector for Cisco Systems in the European Markets, Yvon Le Roux is responsible for strategy, sales and marketing for government, healthcare, education and defence. He was appointed to head the newly-formed Public Sector team in May 2003 and increased sales by 30% within two years” it’s written in his brief Cisco bio. Yvon is a blockbuster and a missionary of modern times and … AT – Advanced Technologies. He came to Dialogue Cafe in Paris, to give a lecture on Social Innovation to a group of MBA students from the Birzeit University. Professor Sabri Saidam brought his students to Dialogue Cafe in Ramallah, and they asked questions and shared experiences with Yvon Le Roux. In the end of this enlightening session, Yvon and the students underlined the essential.

This has been just the first of a series of monthly lectures in DC. Feel free to join next time!To know more, leave a commentary. Northampton is organizing the second one, on the 5th of March, at 6pm (GMT) with the author Margaret Ledwith (http://www.infed.org/community/critical_community_development.htm)
Margaret Ledwith lives in Lancaster where she is Emeritus Professor of Community Development and Social Justice at the University of Cumbria. She is also a coordinator of the international Collaborative Action Research Network. For many years, she was a grassroots community worker, and it was this experience of working with marginalised communities that forged the foundation of a lifetime commitment to social justice. She has written three books: Participating in Transformation: Towards a working model of community empowerment (1997), Community Development: A critical approach (2005) and, with Jane Springett, Participatory Practice: Community-based action for transformative change (2009).

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Hi Ashique, Thank you for your interest! Our cycle is finalised but more sessions on crafts will take place at Dialogue Cafe. For instance you can visit our profil in vimeo and attend online some sessions recorded. https://vimeo.com/dcafe Otherwise we plan to publish a book with the recommendations and findings of our discussions on crafts. Keep posted! Thanks again for your interest DC team
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