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“Military Ethics in an Age of Drones and Cyber Warfare”, with CWRU Professor, Shannon E. French (photo below), has been the topic of a Dialogue Cafe debate between Lisbon and Cleveland. Portuguese and american experts joined to discuss the ethics of the use of modern and emerging technologies in warfare, from killer drones to computer viruses to armed, autonomous robots. All exchanged opinions, experiences and researches, trying to answer questions like : Can the classic conventions of the just war tradition that guide international law keep pace with the changing face of war? Many other topics have been debated during a very interesting and challenging session.




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Hi Ashique, Thank you for your interest! Our cycle is finalised but more sessions on crafts will take place at Dialogue Cafe. For instance you can visit our profil in vimeo and attend online some sessions recorded. Otherwise we plan to publish a book with the recommendations and findings of our discussions on crafts. Keep posted! Thanks again for your interest DC team
daliasendra on 2019.07.29