Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Caf√© Novi Pazar and Session on “Minority rights, non-discrimination and gender equality” 0 Reply

The Official Opening Ceremony of Dialogue Café Novi Pazar (Serbia),  a new initiative of the Dialogue Café Association, the United Nations in Serbia and the Cultural Centre Novi Pazar, will be held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (Portugal) and the Centar Duga in Novi Pazar (Serbia) on wednesday 1st April from 12h00 to 13h00 GMT.

Special guests will include notably from¬†Novi Pazar (Serbia),¬†Fatima Durovińá, director of DUGA center Novi Pazar; Milorad Kondińá,¬†UNA Serbia; Irena Voj√°ńćkov√° ‚Äď Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator; Masafumi Kuroki, Japanese Embassy; Mehmet Kemal Bozaj, Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia; Meho Mahmutovińá, Mayor of Novi Pazar. And directly from Lisbon (Portugal), Helena Barroco, Vice-president of DC Association.

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This ceremony will followed by the first session of the programme led by DC Novi Pazar on¬†Minority rights, non-discrimination and gender equality in the light of EU Candidate status ‚Äď experiences of new EU member states¬†(from¬†13h00 to 14h30 GMT).

Special speakers will include notably from¬†Novi Pazar (Serbia),¬†Nevena ńźakovińá, member of the Project team UNA-Serbia (Moderator), Almir PruŇĺljanin, Advisor, Regional office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and Semir Tutińá, Sandzak Committee for protection of human rights and freedoms, among many others.¬†There will also be participants in¬†DC Florence¬†taking part in this event.

Join us and Share your views!

For more detailed information and registration please contact us no later than 31 March, by emailing Dalia Sendra (

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Hi Ashique, Thank you for your interest! Our cycle is finalised but more sessions on crafts will take place at Dialogue Cafe. For instance you can visit our profil in vimeo and attend online some sessions recorded. Otherwise we plan to publish a book with the recommendations and findings of our discussions on crafts. Keep posted! Thanks again for your interest DC team
daliasendra on 2019.07.29