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The Dialogue Café Novi Pazar was funded as result of the UN project “Improving Human Security for Vulnerable Communities in southwest Serbia”.

In this framework, DC Novi Pazar will lead a session on the topic “Impact of digital technologies on low tech industries – the future of textiles production” (05 June 2015, 14h00 – 15h30 London time).

The textile industry in Serbia holds a special significance, and Novi Pazar is a city with a long tradition and great potential in manufacturing textiles. Novi Pazar has a particularly strong clothes industry, more specifically making high quality jeans. You can find more information on the website of the Association of Novi Pazar textile manufacturers.

Because of the various processes involved in making jeans, this industry is considered one of the “dirtiest” in textile manufacturing. That’s why the use of eco-friendly technologies is an important issue.

On the other hand, new digital technologies enable digital design and printing via computers and special printers, without having to worry about quantity. It opens the question of how can textile manufacturers preserve tradition and product quality in a time of new challenges. What’s the future of textile manufacturing?”

Participants representing governments, civil society and private companies will join us to discuss and exchange views on this issue.

Moderator: Vanja Popovic, United Nations Association of Serbia, DC Novi Pazar

– DC Lisbon:

  • Helena Barroco, President a.i. Dialogue CafĂ© Association
  • Participants from the fashion and textile field will join us during the discussion. Among them, MODATEX, IADE.

DC Novi Pazar:

  • Semih Durovic, Regional Project Manager, USAID Sustainable Local Development Project
  • Representative of Association of Textile Producers ASSTEX, Novi Pazar
  • Meho Camović, Director, School of Textile Design

Other participants from DC Florence will join us.

2015.06.05 DC – The future of textiles production – Programme

For more information contact us at: info (at) dialoguecafe.org



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