Elections coverage: before, during and after – what has changed in the networked society. 0 Reply


2nd Session DC - Changing Societies, Changing Journalism

2nd Session DC – Changing Societies, Changing Journalism

The elections coverage has always been an insteresting subject to discuss upon. Discussing it from the journalists´ point of view and from the political parties point of you is an importante exercise to understand roles and what is expected from each side. Plus it’s also important to try to understand the changes that came with a networked society. Putting social networks in the equation, the diferent kinds of participation that brought new actors to the coverage.

In the framework of the Cycle on “Changing societies, changing journalism: A global discussion on the future of journalism”, organised by the University Institute of Lisbon ISCTE – IUL (Portugal) and the Dialogue Cafe Association, a third session focused on elections coverage will take place next 29 October (from 14h00 to 15h30 London time).

The session untitled “Elections coverage: before, during and after – what has changed in the networked society” will connect people from DC Lisbon (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian) and DC Rio de Janeiro (UCAM University).

Special speakers will include notably: in DC Lisbon, Paula Oliveira, Journalist responsible of Newsdesk, TVI and Gustavo Cardoso, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL); in DC Rio de Janeiro, Fabiano Post, Blogger at Global Voices, and Yesica Fisch, Senior Producer at Associated Press, among many others participants.

DC- Changing Journalism S3 – 29 October Programme

Join us and enrich this global conversation with your own experience and views!

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Hi Ashique, Thank you for your interest! Our cycle is finalised but more sessions on crafts will take place at Dialogue Cafe. For instance you can visit our profil in vimeo and attend online some sessions recorded. https://vimeo.com/dcafe Otherwise we plan to publish a book with the recommendations and findings of our discussions on crafts. Keep posted! Thanks again for your interest DC team
daliasendra on 2019.07.29