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Engaging Europe’s young people as possible in the world of work, is one of the major challenges the European Union, and other regions of the world, face nowadays. High levels of youth unemployment and thus disengagement among young people are direct consequences of the global economic crisis suffered in the latest years, but are not the only factors. Since 2010, the term NEET has been used at the policy level to describe young people not in employment, education or training. At the EU level a percentage of 14.2% of the population aged 15–29. While at the global level NEETs varies widely according to both location and sex. According to the ILO Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017 report, young women are over three times more likely to be NEET than young men (34% of young women against 10% of young man are NEETs). Indeed, the proportion of youth NEET global estimation is 28.1%, 76.9 per cent of which are female.

Dialogue Café Association and the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, host of Dialogue Café Évora, are organising a cycle of sessions focused on how best support young people at risk of NEET situation. In this framework a session on social initiatives supporting NEETs was organised in 2017 and further sessions on inclusion strategies, improving employability, and integration as well as promoting youth dialogue on these issues.

Next 21 March, Dialogue CafĂ©s in Evora and Lisbon are organising a session on Conceiving and Implementing Inclusion Strategies for NEET´s that aims at investigate what are the strategies being used in Portugal and other countries to integrate them into the labour market. For example, which kind of programmes evaluating their competences and intrinsic talents are being implemented and how better support the development of their skills in order to integrate the labour market. It would be important also to enlighten which kind of areas/professions are of special interest to young people such as those related to Art|Graffiti’s, Bar|Barman’s, Sports|Dance trainers, Fashion|Clothing as well as those related to ICT and internet.

The session will take place on Thursday 21 March 2019 from 15h30 to 17h.

Keep posted for further information or contact your Dialogue Café!


For more detailed information:

Dialogue Café LisbonDalia Sendra (

Dialogue Café Évora – Paula Sofio (ADRAL) ( & Marta Andrada (FEA) (

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro – Mayara Gonçalves (


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