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In the framework of its cycle, Global Exchange of Crafts Makers, Dialogue Café Association and its members, based in cities of Evora, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro are organising a session on “Innovation and Circular Economy” with the aim of sharing the experiences of crafts makers in applying these concepts strategically in their business and manufacturing processes. Crafts makers that are reinventing, reusing, making more sustainable and competitive as well as bringing benefits at different levels: economy, social and cultural.

During the session, experts and crafts makers will share their thoughts and strategies followed on cutting resource use, reducing waste or boosting upcycling and recycling methods. Participants will also share successful experiences on the implementation of circular economy approaches with the aim of bringing and innovative and more sustainable creative proposal.


Dialogue Café Évora (ADRAL & Eugenio de Almeida Foundation)

Dialogue Café Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

  • Joana Tadeu, Minimalista
  • Madalena Aires Mateus, GAIATA – Vegan and Eco-friendly fashion brand, member of the collective Modistas de Atelier
  • Joana Fonseca, Digital Fabrication Designer

 Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (Candido Mendes University)

  • Vanessa Wagner, ZĂ“IA, jewelry sustainable brand


Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon / Dialogue CafĂ© Association – Dalia Sendra (

Dialogue Café Évora – Ana Lavado (

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro – Mayara Gonçalves (



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With the aim of reducing waste and avoiding pollution, circular economy promotes greater resource productivity as well as being restorative and regenerative by design. In contrast to the linear economy based on ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production, the circular model builds economic, natural and social capital by relying on system-wide innovation, and redefining products and services to design waste out, while minimising negative impacts. The circular economy offers an opportunity to reinvent our economy, making it more sustainable and competitive as well as bringing benefits for businesses, industries, and citizens alike.



European Commission

In this framework, it is important to define and implement strategies at the International, national and local level in order to deliver ambitious measures to cut resource use, reduce waste and boost recycling.

Economia Circular

With the objective of disseminating circular economy strategies and iniciatives, Dialogue CafĂ© network is organising a “Circular Economy” on 10 July 2018 from 15h to 17h London time. 

During this conference, special speakers based in Évora (EvoraTech by ADRAL), Lisbon  (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) and Rio de Janeiro (Candido Mendes University) will be invited to address the main challenges for the development of circular economy strategies and share successful experiences on the implementation of initiatives at the local level so that, young entrepreneurs aimed at developing sustainable initiatives will be better informed, have access to knowledge and experience mutual learning.

Provisional programme

Dialogue CafĂ© Évora (ADRAL – EVORA TECH):

  • Jorge Pulido Valente, FECA – FĂłrum para a Economia Circular do Alentejo 

Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Room 3):

Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Cândido Mendes):

The programme will be updated in the upcoming days.

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