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Following the two amazing first sessions of the Cycle on “Creative Hubs and entrepreneurship as vehicle for social change”, the first one introducing the existing potential link between creative and social entrepreneurship, and the second one analysing hub managers and entrepreneurs competences and challenges; we are organising a third session which will take place next Tuesday 10 November from 15h00 to 16h30 (London time), on fundraising and partnerships.


DC Creative Hubs S2 05


This session will allow us to discuss about opportunities and innovative methods to fundraise our projects on social entrepreneurship. In this framework, can be cooperation, barter, exchanges of services, partnerships, a source for fundraising our ideas? and if yes, how best?

Among many other participants, special speakers will include:

In DC Lisbon (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian):

In DC Novi Pazar (Centar Duga):

  • DĹľenan Narović, NVO Front

In DC Rio de Janeiro (UCAM – University):

  • Marcos AndrĂ©, Representative of Rio Criativo and Professor at the University Candido Mendes.

If you would like to share your views on this issue and present your experiences,

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After two amazing sessions, the first one introducing the existing potential link between creative and social entrepreneurship, the second one analysing hub managers and entrepreneurs competences and challenges; a third session which will take place next Tuesday 10 November, will focus on fundraising and partnerships. With the aim to conclude the cycle by sharing inspiring iniciatives we will organise a fourth session smart practices on social entrepreneurship on creative sectors.


DC Creative Hubs S2 08

As we discussed last WTuesday 27 October, social entrepreneurs are dream makers who share knowledge with the community in order to build a better future together. It´s a persistent non-conformist who search through creativity and innovation succesful solutions for social change.



During the fourth session of our cycle on “Creative Hubs and Social Entrepreneurship as vehicles for Social Change“, we would like to talk about smart models that can inspire other people in the path to achieve their dream. With this purpose we will welcome amazing people next Wednesday 11 November from 15h00 to 16h30 (London time) in DC Lisbon (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), DC Novi Pazar and DC Rio de Janeiro (UCAM University).

In the round-table we will firstly introduce the different organisation models we can find in the social and creative entrepreneurship landscape. Hence, our invitees will present their initiatives in detail and share with us the challenges they face and how they support successful projects.


Moderator: Dalia Sendra, Dialogue Café Association

Special speakers will include:

  • DC Novi Pazar
    • DĹľenan Narović, NVO Front

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Our cycle on Creative Hubs and Entrepreneurship for Social Change started today with a great introductory session about creative hubs and social entrepreneurship.

DC Creative Hubs Social Entrepreneurship S1 01

Our wonderful participants, representing different types of organisations such as ADDICT, Fermenta NGO, Portuguese Entrepreneurs, NVO Front and SEDA (Regional Development Agency of SandĹľak) shared their views and experiences about the development of creative and social entrepreneurship in Portugal and Serbia. Different scenarios but same needs: inspiration, competences, sustainability, fundraising and networking opportunities. Topics that will be raised in the following sessions of this cycle.

For this purpose, the second session of this cycle will be focused on the competences and abilities the entrepreneurs need to ensure in order to provide a successful implementation of their ideas. For sure we´ll discuss a lot about the challenges and the difficulties entrepreneurs and hub managers face everyday but also we´ll share innovative ideas, creative solutions, a lot of hope and great inspiration for them.

The participants of this session will include entrepreneurs as Susana Antonio from Fermenta NGO and Ana Margardida Ferreira from IADE Creative University in Lisbon. Representatives from Rio Criativo will join us in DC Rio de Janeiro and other participants in DC Novi Pazar.

DC- Creative Hubs S2 – 27 October Invitation

DC- Creative Hubs S2 – 27 October Programme

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With the aim of supporting social entrepreneurship in creative sectors, the Dialogue Café Association offer its network to address the challenges faced by creative and social entrepreneurs, provide networking and partnerships opportunities, promote research and reflection, share good practices and case studies as well as support the development of social entrepreneur’s competences.

With this purpose, the Dialogue Café Association is organising a programme of sessions on Cycle “Creative Hubs and Entrepreneurship for Social Change”.


First session on "Censorship in a global and changing world: religion, politics and economics".

First session on “Censorship in a global and changing world: religion, politics and economics”.


In this framework, a first session untitled “Exchanging thoughts on creative hubs and entrepreneurship as vehicle for social change”, will allow us to introduce the main expected outcomes of this cycle of sessions and identify the challenges and opportunities of using creative industries as a tool for social entrepreneurship. Experts, entrepreneurs, makers, organisations promoting social entrepreneurship in the field of creative industries will join us in different cities of the Dialogue Café Network and take the floor to discuss about these issues.

The first session of this cycle on creative hubs and social entrepreneurship will take place next 20 October 2015 from 15h to 16h30 (London time).


DC Lisbon:

  • Cristina Farinha, Executive Director of ADDICT, Agency for the development of culture and creative industries north of Portugal
  • Susana AntĂłnio, Fermenta NGO, Founder of A AvĂł veio Trabalhar

DC Novi Pazar:

  • DĹľenan Narović, NVO Front
  • Samir Kacapor, SEDA (Regional Development Agency of SandĹľak

Cycle on Creative & Social Entrepreneurship – Programme

Session 1 – 20 October Invitation

Session 1 – 20 October Programme

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Martin Stewart-Weeks shares his experience of co-creating democracy @ Dialogue Cafe:

There’s something powerful about the way people, technology and passion collide to create real insight and engagement.  That’s what happened at both Dialogue Cafe events at the SIX Spring School in Amsterdam last week.

Rehearsing the bare facts is impressive enough…two sessions on successive days linking Amsterdam with Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Lisbon and Amsterdam, connecting some 50 or 60 people across the two sessions in lively debate about the Arab “spring” of democratic change and what it might mean for the region and for other countries too.  And all enabled across a platform of high quality video technology that made you feel you were just around the corner, not right across the world.

But these basic facts are not the real story.  The real story is the kind of human interaction and engagement which the Cafe provisions, creating a relatively simple platform (give or take a bit of technical wizardry behind the scenes!) that allows people with insight, experience and expertise to share and teach.

We talk a lot about the need for massive doses of understanding, learning and tolerance to ease some of the tensions in our world and to build effective bridges between cultures.  Indeed, that is what the Dialogue Cafe venture is all about.  But in the end, you build bridges between cultures by nurturing connections between people.  In fact, it’s the only way to make change happen and to make it stick.  What we saw last week in Amsterdam was a powerful illustration of how that works in practice, one lively, engaging and provocative conversation at a time.

And the quality and impact of both sessions motivated their own consequences, with energetic agreement by those involved to come together in a couple of months to keep the discussion going, to learn more and to look for ways to support the “spring” reforms in the Middle East and, just as importantly, to put the lessons being learned about the power of co-creating democratic change to good use for all of us.

Powerful stuff indeed…     

By Martin Stewart-Weeks

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Co-creating Democracy @ Dialogue Café 0 Reply

Technology and social media are tools for ‘co-creation’ – they enable people to come together and collaborate in new and different ways. Nowhere has the power of social media been more strongly felt than in North Africa and the Middle East. In the last few months, students, protestors and activists have been making use of social media tools and platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – to organise themselves, call for change and disseminate information about what has been happening across the region.

In this way, social media enabled a revolution – but could it enable a democracy? Can social media and other technologies be used to co-create a democracy and strengthen civic society? How can social media and other technologies be used to support government “by” and “with” the people and not just “for” the people? What are the key challenges facing the transition to democracy can these be overcome through citizen engagement?

These are some of the challenges and issues we discussed at Dialogue CafĂ© on the 24th and 25th May in the two sessions we organised as part of the SIX Spring School 2011.  

SIX Spring School_Cairo.jpg

In Cairo we were joined by, amongst others, Tarek Osman who talked about the longer-term social, economic and political factors, which contributed to the revolution. See here for his article on the subject and here for his latest article on sectarianism in Egypt.

SIX Spring School_Doha.JPG

In Lisbon we were joined by President Jorge Sampaio, High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and journalists Pedro Lomba and Bruno Faria Lopes. In Doha, we were joined by Yomna Taher and Ahmed Ashour from Al Jazeera Talk and students from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar in Doha. In Rio we were joined by Mayra Jucá from Viva Rio and Oona Castro from OvermundoLab and in Amsterdam we were joined by Thomas Loudon and Arend Jan van den Beld, founders of the VJ Movement, a global community for journalists and citizen journalists.

SIX Spring School_from Amsterdam.JPG


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