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With the aim of supporting entrepreneurship in creative sectors, Dialogue Café Association in partnership with the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation is organising a session on Hubs for Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship to share knowledge and good practices as well as to promote networking.

Participants will be invited to reflect and discuss the following questions, as many

  • What Creative Hubs Are?
  • What services do Creative¬†Hubs provide to¬†Entrepreneurs?
  • What led to the creation of¬†Creative Hubs?
  • Which creative industries¬†are promoted by creative¬†hubs and how best?

The session will take place on 28 April from 3pm to 5pm London time. Participation is free and open. Keep posted to know more about the programme or contact us for further information at info(at)dialoguecafe.org


Hubs for Creative Industries and entrepreneurship





Creative Hubs and Entrepreneurship as vehicle for Social Change 0 Reply

‚ÄúThe new development paradigm, where the main factors of economic and social growth are knowledge, creativity, originality and skills, has not only changed the economic structure, but also the concepts of growth and development. The ‚Äėknowledge-based economy‚Äô finds its economic support in creativity and talent, and emphasises cultural industries as a conceptual framework within which growth generators exist.‚ÄĚ[1]

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In 2008 the cultural and creative sectors contributed an estimated 4.5 % to EU GDP, and employed some 3.8% of Europe’s workforce[1]. Beyond this direct contribution to jobs and growth, these sectors trigger spill-overs in other areas such as tourism, content for ICT and provide benefits for education, social inclusion and social innovation. They are therefore particularly important as Europe and other regions in the world seek to emerge from the current economic crisis. ¬†With this regard, social entrepreneurship represents an opportunity to attempt to further broad social, cultural and environmental goals by using innovative solutions and measuring performance in positive return to society.

At the same time, there is an important development of creative hubs and business in Europe and worldwide. They are physical or virtual ‚Äėplace‚Äô based on collective or co-operative models and on creative, technological or cultural work aiming at supporting the development of companies and projects but also connecting people in networks and creative communities.

The Dialogue Café Association aims at supporting social entrepreneurship in creative sectors by offering its network to address the challenges faced by creative and social entrepreneurs, providing networking and partnerships opportunities, promoting research and reflection, sharing good practices and case studies as well as supporting the development of social entrepreneur’s competences.

With this purpose, the Dialogue Café Association organise a programme of sessions focused on:

1. Exchanging thoughts on Creative Hubs and Entrepreneurship, vehicle of social change and development (20 October);

2. Becoming Entrepreneur and hub Manager: creative smoothie of competences (27 October);

3. Partnership and Fundraising opportunities for social and creative entrepreneurs (10 November);

4. Good practices and initiatives of social entrepreneurship in creative sectors (11 November);

If you are interested in social entrepreneurship and creativity, sign up, join us and share your experience. 

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More info: Dalia Sendra (daliasendra at casadoregalo.pt)


[1] “Building a Digital Economy: The importance of saving jobs in the EU’s creative industries”, TERA Consultants, March 2010.

[2] Commission Recommendation on the digitalisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation, C(2011) 7579 final, 27.10.2011

[3] European Creative Hubs Forum, January 2015, Lisbon (Portugal) ‚Äď www.creativehubs.org

[1] Measuring the Economic contribution of Cultural Industries, A review and assessment of current methodological approaches. 2009 UNESCO Framework for Cultural Statistics Handbook NO. 1, 2009. Link to survey

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