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Temos o prazer de o/a convidar a participar na Sess√£o de Abertura Oficial do Di√°logo Caf√© Cidade de Praia. Este evento √© organizado pela Associa√ß√£o Dialogue Caf√© e pelo Instituto Pedro Pires para a Lideran√ßa. Durante a sess√£o proceder-se-√† um interc√Ęmbio de ideias sobre o papel do di√°logo na constru√ß√£o da paz e no desenvolvimento da coopera√ß√£o.



Oradores especiais v√£o juntar-se a n√≥s: em Lisboa (Funda√ß√£o Calouste Gulbenkian), Dr. Jorge Sampaio, Presidente de Portugal (1996-2006), Presidente do Dialogue Caf√©; na Cidade de Praia (Instituto Pedro Pires para a Lideran√ßa), S. Ex¬™ Dr. Pedro Pires, Presidente de Cabo Verde (2001 ‚Äď 2011), Presidente do Instituto Pedro Pires para a Lideran√ßa. Participantes baseados em √Čvora e Rio de Janeiro participar√£o tamb√©m nesta sess√£o especial de inaugura√ß√£o do Dialogue Caf√© Cidade de Praia. Consulte e descarregue o¬†programa.

Junte-se a esta conversa global! 

Enrique√ßa com sua pr√≥pria experi√™ncia e opini√Ķes!

Para mais informa√ß√Ķes ou inscri√ß√Ķes contacte-nos por correio eletr√≥nico.





Human Rights in XXI Century – Human Rights of Refugees 0 Reply

In the framework of the International Conference on ‚ÄúHuman Rights in the challenging 21st century: Globalizing Dignity‚ÄĚ, (09 – 10 May) which has been curated by Mr. Viriato Soromenho-Marques and organized by the Gulbenkian Foundation, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the Embassies of Austria and the United States America; Dialogue Caf√© Association will organise a side event on¬†Human Rights in XXI Century –¬†Human Rights of Refugees on 09 May 2016 from 15h to 16h30 (London time).



The aim of this global conversation is to discuss issues relating to Human Rights in a complex world, where vulnerable groups as Refugees and Migrants communities are facing challenges on their daily life and not respected as human beings.

What kind of change can we promote in order to fight against discrimination? What about if we were able to provide them with access to their rights as well as better opportunities for a peaceful life? How young generations can overcome the challenge of discrimination, ensure their access to human rights, and become contributors to the promotion of the inclusion of these communities?

Venues: Dialogue Caf√© Lisbon (Room 3 ‚Äď Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), Dialogue Caf√© Florence (Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Italy) and Dialogue Caf√© Rio de Janeiro (University C√°ndido Mendes – UCAM)

Target audience: experts, civil society organisations, decision makers, and young people keen on Human Rights, refugees and migrants.

Download the the latest version of the programme.

For more information, contact the Dialogue Café Association.

Join us in this global conversation and share with us your thoughts,

your ideas and your vision of the future!




Why are social networks powerful tools for promoting causes and campaigns? 0 Reply


In the framework of the cycle on Youth Human Rights Activism: Beyond Social Media a third and last session will be organised in order to present smart initiatives promoting youth activism and networking using new technologies and social media.

The session will take place on 10 March froom 15h00 to 16h30 (London time) and will join in debate Dialogue Café Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) and Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (UCAM University).



The last version of the programme can be dowload here: Youth for Human Rights beyond social media_S3 Programme. Kindly sing up by sending an email to daliasendra (at) casadoregalo.pt.

Join us and Share your Experiences!




Workshop on Social media tools for activism and social change! 0 Reply

In the framework of the cycle “Youth Human Rights Activism: beyond social media“, Dialogue Cafe Association is organising a second session focused on social media tools for activism and social change.


2016 Youth HHRR Activism S1_05


This workshop, taking place on 3 March from 15h00 to 16h30 London time, will be coordinated by Ana Pinto Martinho, Journalist and Trainer at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL).

Young activist and change makers are invited to join us in Dialogue Cafe Lisbon (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian РRoom 3) and Dialogue Cafe Rio de Janeiro (UCAM University)

Join us and share with us how you use social media and other 4G Technology to promote social change and Human Rights!


For more information, contact us at daliasendra (at) casadoregalo.pt



Round-table on Youth Activism and Human Rights: Challenges and Added Value 0 Reply


In the framework of the Cycle on Youth Human Rights Activism: beyond social media, a first session will be addressing the challenges and the opportunities young activists found by using social media and new communication tools. This session will allow us to introduce the following sessions of the cycle.



The round table will take place on 25 February 2016 from 15h00 to 16h30 London time.

Special speakers will join us in:



  • Dialogue Cafe Lisbon (Funda√ß√£o Calouste Gulbenkian):¬†
    • Roc√≠o Cervera, Programme Manager Youth Co-operation, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe
    • Carla Santos, Trainer at Academia Ubuntu, IPAV
    • Daniel Oliveira, Activism and Training Coordinator, Amnesty International Portugal


  • Dialogue Cafe Rio de Janeiro (University Candido Mendes):
    • Ani Hao, Independent Researcher at FRIDA, The Young Feminist Fund
    • Talitha Vaz, Advocate, Researcher on sociocultural studies, Master at UFRJ

If you wish to join us in other city where a Dialogue Café is based, let us know!

For more information, contact us at daliasendra (at) casadoregalo.pt





Cycle on Youth Human Rights Activism: Beyond Social Media 0 Reply

DC Session May 2011 - Co-Creating Democracy 2



Nowadays because of the development of ICT and the global interconnectivity, youth have more access to information about global issues. Indeed, technology and the use of digital media have changed the way youth participate in activism globally, and youth are more active in media than older generations.

Youth activism and civic participation in social change focuses more on issue-oriented activism. People under the age of 18 comprise 46% of the global population, and these youth played a crucial role around the world in promoting human rights, equality and equity. They serve to strengthen already existing networks of political and social relationships among activists offline. Media activism among youth can be linked to the way youth protest and create communities online over specific issues and social connections. Social Media has become a primary organising tool for political and social movements globally. These movements through social media have been attributed to the interest and involvement of younger generations. However, beyond social media, new ICT technology is offering new opportunities and challenges to young social changers and activists.

This programme is aimed at strengthening Youth Human Rights Activism for social change. This cycle has as objective to analyse and to promote opportunities for developing skills of youth activists on Human Rights activism, social media, civic participation, cooperation and networking.


For this purpose Dialogue Cafe Network (DC √Čvora, DC Lisbon, DC Novi Pazar and DC Rio de Janeiro) is organising a cycle of three sessions as follows:


  • Session 1 ‚Äď Round-table: Youth Activism and Human Rights: Challenges and Added Value (25 February 2016 – from 15h00 to 16h30 London time)
  • Session 2 ‚Äď Workshop: Social media tools for activism (micro-blogging, online platforms, blogging). (03 March 2016 –¬†from 15h00 to 16h30 London time)
  • Session 3 ‚Äď Workshop: Why are social networks powerful tools for causes and campaigns? Working together, Launching a Campaign. (10 March 2016 –¬†from 15h00 to 16h30 London time)


For more information, contact us at info(at)dialoguecafe.org



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