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Creative hubs represent a tool for innovation and a guide to entrepreneurs to bring social value to societies and communities through their creativity on local and global scale.  

As the UNCTAD report (2010) states, creative economy has the potential to generate wealth and jobs while promoting social inclusion and human development. They facilitate the creative process of entrepreneurs by providing space, consultation, training, funding. Moreover, creative hubs represent a place where young entrepreneurs and start-ups from different backgrounds can meet, discuss, develop and implement new ideas, to building up a new environment able to empower different social groups and support their inclusion.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs and makers bring new ideas and dreams to explore within creative hubs, enhancing the heritage and knowledge of those spaces. In COVID-19 times, where entrepreneurs and makers need to be more resilient and creative hubs pursue innovation more than ever, spaces and opportunities to share knowledge, jointly analyse challenges and approach solutions will be excellent ways to surpass the negative impact the pandemic will bring at the social and economic level.  

Against this backdrop, Dialogue CafĂ© Network is organising a session to address the successfulness factors and practices implemented by creative hubs to support entrepreneurs and makers and provide responses to their needs. During the sessions some questions will be raised such as:  

  • How has the COVID-19 affected entrepreneurs and makers?  
  • According to your knowledge and experience, in which sense creative hubs can provide new opportunities to entrepreneurs and makers?  
  • How to promote innovation and resilience at the entrepreneurial level in the new era?  
  • Working together is essential to recover from this global crisis. From entrepreneurs and makers, to creative hubs, authorities and other third sector organisations to the private sector, we all have a role in building a post-COVID world that is better for present and future generations. Kindly share your opinion and views on how better encourage collaboration and co-creation within creative hubs among entrepreneurs and makers. Share your opinion, experience and knowledge.  

Provisional Programme

Dialogue Café Belgrade (United Nations Associations of Serbia)

Dialogue Cafe Évora (Eugenio de Almeida Foundation) 

  • Antonieta FĂ©lix, Entrepreneur of Project “Literacia” 
  • Carlos Ramos, Founder of “B de Brincar”  
  • Tânia Carvalho, Founder of “INHERVOICE” 

Dialogue Cafe Novi Pazar (Centar Duga)

  • Vesna Sekulić, creative worker & CEO “Zvechka” 
  • Lejla Mulić, creative worker & CEO “LeCreative Gift Shop”. 

And much more!




Makers, sustainability, marketplaces and regional development 0 Reply

Makers, sustainability, marketplaces and regional development

UNESCO identifies handicrafts as a set of products that “are produced by craftsmen, completely handcrafted or with the help of hand or mechanical tools, provided the direct manual contribution of the artisan is the most substantial component of the finished product” and recognises that “the special nature of handicrafts derives from their distinctive traits, which may be utilitarian, aesthetic, artistic, creative, culturally significant, decorative, functional, traditional, religious, and socially symbolic and meaningful.”

Local craft makers contribute to innovation and economic growth in their regions through the application of old techniques, through the development of new products. Are they fulfilling the mission of engagement between business and regional identity? How they do it?

The Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, one of Dialogue CafĂ© Evora host and manager of the programme “Powering Arts and Crafts” proposes to organise a session on Makers, sustainability, marketplaces and regional development, which will take place on 28 May from 15h to 17h London time.

The session will bring together experts, makers, local and regional authorities, owners of marketplaces to discuss and share concrete knowledge.


  • Dialogue CafĂ© Lisboa – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
    • Ana Margarida Ferreira, PhD, IADE Universidade Europeia
    • Fatima Az-Zahra Durkee, Founder of Passa ao Futuro Project
    • Bernardo Gaeiras, Executive Director of Fab Lab Lisboa and Creative Hub Mouraria
    • Filipe Themudo Barata, UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How

     Dialogue Café Évora – Social Innovation Centre of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation (EAF)

    • Carla LĂŁ-Branca, “Powering Arts & Crafts Book – Roteiro para apoio Ă  artesĂŁos”, FEA – apresentação manual para os makers
    • Maria Manuela Pais Rosa Pina, Maker
    • Ana Figueiredo, Maker
    • InĂŞs Paulino, Maker
    • Helder Cavaca, Maker

    Dialogue Café Évora – ADRAL Alentejo Regional Development Agency


For further information, contact us !

Dialogue Café Lisbon (at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) Dalia Sendra (daliasendra@casadoregalo.pt)

Dialogue Café Évora (at ADRAL & at FEA Social Innovation Centre) – Ana Rita Valido (ADRAL) (ana.valido@adral.pt) & Inês Gonçalves (FEA) (ines.goncalves@fea.pt)



Innovation & Circular Economy for Crafts Makers 0 Reply

DC Cycle 2016 - Global Exchange of Craft Makers_Circular Economy_Flyer


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SME Management for Crafts Makers! 0 Reply

SME Management - Crafts Makers_flyer


In today´s increasingly virtual world, making things by hand using centuries-old techniques, traditional crafts provided with a new design approach are fulfilling the market of online business and also starts-ups.

The main goal of the cycle Global Exchange of Crafts Makers is to promote exchanges and dialogue between different crafts makers around the world with the aim, in one hand, of identifying the challenges and opportunities of this promising creative sector in future economies, in the other hand, promoting a dialogue and transmission of know-how between traditional and innovative artisans, between senior and young generations.

In this framework, Dialogue Café Association and its members are organising a session on SME Management for creative minds with the aim of providing makers with key information on how to launch or strengthen their business and sharing information on toolkits and tools on business sustainability.


Special connection from Barcelona:

Dialogue Café Évora

  • AntĂłnio Paiva de Andrada, Artisan maker
  • Maria JosĂ© Morais, Artisan maker
  • Vanessa Zorrinho, Artisan maker
  • Telma Barrelas, Artisan maker

Dialogue Café Lisbon

Keep posted to know more!


[1] Provisional





Alentejo Mini Maker Faire! 0 Reply

From 11 to 12 May, the international Alentejo Mini Maker Faire 2018 will be held in Évora (Portugal).


Organised by our partners, the ADRAL – Alentejo Regional Development Agency, host of Dialogue CafĂ© Évora, the Alentejo Mini Maker Faire will be an opportunity to meet extraordinary and creative people who love learning and making. From engineers to artists, scientifists and artisans, the fair will be a momentum where they will present their ideas, experiences and projects.

The event is being organised in partnership with the Municipality of Evora in the framework of the Speed Talent project, funded by the programme Alentejo 2020.

Free access is provided upon registration. For further information, read the press release (in Portuguese) or visit their Facebook page.

Contact: Alexandra Correia | alexandra.correia@adral.pt | +351 266 769 150




Business Development & Internationalisation for Crafts Makers! 2 2

Dialogue Café is come back with interesting and useful sessions!


Global Exchange of Craft Makers S10 - Flyer













In the framework of our cycle Global Exchange of Crafts Makers, Dialogue CafĂ©s based in Évora, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro will organise a session on “Business Development and internationalisation” with the aim of providing makers with key information on how to strengthen their business and promote its development at the international level, as well as sharing information on business sustainability and shared business strategies.

During the session experts, makers and organisations from Portugal and Brasil will be invited to present their knowledge, resources and share their experiences.

Download the programme!

DC Cycle 2016 - Global Exchange of Craft Makers S10 - Brochure 2

The session will take place next 26 October from 15h to 17h London time in our respective locations: 

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