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The UN General Assembly each 21 September as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace. The International Day of Peace 2020 is dedicated to “Shaping Peace Together” and aims to celebrate compassion, kindness and hope in world frightened by COVID-19 pandemic. A special moment that the United Nations celebrates in the framework of its 75th anniversary and a programme of global conversations aimed at building the peaceful and prosperous future that we all want.

Dialogue Café Network will commemorate the International Day of Peace by organising a global debate on the role of youth in peacebuilding to foster dialogue and collect ideas.

Young people will be invited to share thoughts on how to weather this storm, heal our planet and build peace[1] and debate on the following questions raised by UN and other proposed by participants during the exchange:

  • What does peace mean to you?
  • When you envision a peaceful world, what do you see?
  • What actions are needed to make your vision a reality?
  • What role can you play in that regard?
  • How can prevent conflicts in the first place? 
  • How can we tackle conflicts?
  • ItÂŽs peace is declared, how can it be sustained?

The debate will be moderated by a member of Dialogue Café Network through questions and the exchange of experiences. External participants will have the possibility of sharing their questions through chat to experts and guest involved but registration is mandatory. Otherwise interested participants can attend the event via livestreaming. The debate will take place via Dialogue Café videoconference system provided by CISCO Webex.

Provisional programme

Dialogue Cafe Evora

  • Manuel Marchante, 100% ADN Association

Dialogue Cafe Belgrade:

  • Muhamed Alyatem, Master degree Peace Studies at University of Belgrade
  • Uros Andjelkovic, Serbian UN Youth Delegate

Dialogue Cafe Novi Sad:

  • Velimir MiloĆĄev, Young European Ambassador

Keep posted for further information|

For further information and registration:

Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon – Dalia Sendra (, Dialogue CafĂ© Belgrade – Biljana Vukosavljevic (, Dialogue CafĂ© Cidade de Praia – Indira Pires (, Dialogue CafĂ© Évora – Margarida Oliveira/FEA ( & Ana Rita Valido/ADRAL (, Dialogue CafĂ© Novi Sad – Stefan Radojcic (

[1] United Nations –



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youth 4 peace

The United Nations Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security[1], adopted by the Security Council on 9 December 2015, recognizes the role young people play in the keeping and promoting international peace and security, key to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this framework, dialogue and exchange are key vehicles for the success of peace.

The engagement of youth in intercultural dialogue and practices of exchange, networking, and active participation is crucial for the prevention and resolution of conflict. Young people have wonderful creative skills and capacities to develop bridges based on the commons, use tools to promote dialogue and to engage in social.

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Temos o prazer de o/a convidar a participar na Sessão de Abertura Oficial do Diålogo Café Cidade de Praia. Este evento é organizado pela Associação Dialogue Café e pelo Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança. Durante a sessão proceder-se-à um intercùmbio de ideias sobre o papel do diålogo na construção da paz e no desenvolvimento da cooperação.



Oradores especiais vĂŁo juntar-se a nĂłs: em Lisboa (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), Dr. Jorge Sampaio, Presidente de Portugal (1996-2006), Presidente do Dialogue CafĂ©; na Cidade de Praia (Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança), S. ExÂȘ Dr. Pedro Pires, Presidente de Cabo Verde (2001 – 2011), Presidente do Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança. Participantes baseados em Évora e Rio de Janeiro participarĂŁo tambĂ©m nesta sessĂŁo especial de inauguração do Dialogue CafĂ© Cidade de Praia. Consulte e descarregue o programa.

Junte-se a esta conversa global! 

Enriqueça com sua prĂłpria experiĂȘncia e opiniĂ”es!

Para mais informaçÔes ou inscriçÔes contacte-nos por correio eletrónico.





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In the framework of a cooperation agreement established between United Nations Associations of Serbia and the Dialogue Café Association, the opening of two new Dialogue Cafe in Serbia (Belgrade and Subotica) are planned to be open in Serbia further to the one that is already operational in Novi Pazar. Thanks to this amazing partnership, the Dialogue Cafe network will be strengthen as a whole and its serbian leg consolidated. Dialogue Café is based on the radical but simple idea that people have many things in common and given the opportunity, they will explore their common interests, sparking collaborations and stimulating ideas that address the major issues of today. These kinds of conversations and collaborations can lead to new ways of thinking and doing: they can empower individuals and communities, break down prejudice and misconceptions and promote greater understanding and co-operation across cultures.

Dialogue CafĂ© is a low cost, low carbon solution to the challenge of connecting people who want to share and collaborate for common interests in other parts of the world. It also provides a unique experience. The technology we use at Dialogue CafĂ©, TelePresence, links people through life-size high definition video and sound, allowing them to talk and meet in a context that is as ‘real’ as possible despite being located on different sides of the world. As such, Dialogue CafĂ© plays a role as a bridge to the rest of the world: it enables local hosts, and local civil society groups, to share their work, knowledge and ideas and learn from others from around the world.

The Official Opening of Dialogue Cafe Belgrade will take place next 13th December 2016 from 15h to 17h London time. The event will include two parts: firstly, the official opening of DC Belgrade; secondly, a session on “Interethnic and interreligious trust, dialogue and cooperation – the importance of respecting human rights“.

Programme – Official Opening of Dialogue Cafe Belgrade – From 15h to 15h45 London time:

Moderator: Vanja Popovic, UNA Serbia DC Team

Dialogue Café Lisbon (Portugal): Ms. Helena Barroco (Executive Director a.i. of Dialogue Café Association and Diplomatic Adviser to former President of Portugal, Mr Jorge Sampaio).

Dialogue Café Belgrade (Serbia): Mr. Milorad Kondic, President of the UNA Serbia, HE Irena Vojackova Solorano, UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia, HE Dragan Zupanjevac, Ambassador in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of the UN and Mr. Nikola Rajicic, Deputy Director, Belgrade Youth office, City of Belgrade.

Dialogue Café Novi Pazar (Serbia): Ms. Hana Salihagic, Mair Office, Mr. Mirsad Jusufovic, City Council and Mr. Dzemaludin Paucinac, Director of Youth Office of Novi Pazar

Participants from Dialogue Café Cidade de Praia (Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança) will also take part in this event.

Programme – Session on “Interethnic and interreligious trust, dialogue and cooperation – the importance of respecting human rights“ – From 15h45 to 17h00 London time

Valuing diversity and building open, inclusive and tolerant societies are major challenges of our times. How can we communicate across differences and manage “cultural distances”? How can we develop further “cultural literacy” as well as increase the capacity to negociate and mediate differences? What are the skills needed to manage well differences and conflict and to generate cross-cultural creativity?

Moderator: Mr. Aleksandar Bojić, UNA Serbia DC Team

Dialogue CafĂ© Lisbon (Portugal): Mr. Nelson Lage, Fondation for the Alliance of Civilisations, Ms. Rocio Cervera, Deputy Executive Director of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, Ms. Cristina Milagre, Coordinator for Intercultural Dialogue, Portuguese High Commission for Migration (ACM), Ms. Marta Mucznik, PCS – Platform for Sustainable Growth

Dialogue Café Belgrade (Serbia): PhD Milos Hrnjaz, Professor at the Faculty of programme or contact us.

Participants from Dialogue Café Cidade de Praia (Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança)  will also take part in this event.

Join us and share with us this amazing moment for Dialogue Cafe Network!








Call for Expression of Interest: Training on Youth on transforming conflict and peace building 0 Reply

We are now looking to schedule further trainings for 2016 on diversity, creativity and innovation within the enterprise; youth transforming conflict; peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue; social entrepreneurship and changemaking to ensure that the members of our network have access to non-formal and informal trainings in order to promote social innovation and intercultural dialogue in our societies, main objective of Dialogue Café network.
In this framework, in August 2016, Dialogue CafĂ© Association will organise a training programme on Training on Youth on transforming conflict and peace building”
for young adults/students interested on peacebuilding, transforming conflict and intercultural dialogue.

Youth Transforming Conflict - Call


We wish to ensure that training sessions are organised according to demand and interest. If you or representatives from your organisation/company would consider attending this training, contact us by 30 July 2016, for more detailed information and registration.

Registration is required and participants should participate in all programme consisting in 5 sessions to receive a certificate of participation. The sessions will be scheduled as soon as a minimum of 5 participants is confirmed in each participating Dialogue Café (Evora, Cidade de Praia, Florence, Lisbon, Novi Pazar, Rio de Janeiro).

Check-out the Youth Transforming Conflict – Concept Paper.


Sign Up and Join us! 



2nd Edition of Peacebuilding Training and Workshops 2 2

Dialogue CafĂ© Association is organising a cycle of workshops aimed at promoting a culture of peace and dialogue by providing people – in particular youth and young adults – with new tools to understand and manage disputes, transform and solve conflicts.


Creating tales workshop 2014

This project aims at contributing to develop a culture of peace dialogue, peace building and cooperation among young adults. Following international best practices in this field, the peacebuilding workshops and trainings will comprise the following five basic modules:


  • Module 1 – Introduction, trust building, expectations and ground rules etc.
  • Module 2 – Challenges of reconciliation – what reconciliation means; dilemmas of reconciliation; sustaining reconciliation work.
  • Module 3 – Conflict and context analysis.
  • Module 4 – Concepts for peacebuilding, principles and framework.
  • Module 5 – Communication and conflict handling.


These workshops will be run by the Dialogue Café Lisbon and Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro in cooperation with a range of partners. This five sessions training will take place from 14h to 15h30 on  20, 21, 25, 26 and 27 August 2015.

Sign-up by sending us an email at daliasendra (at)

For more information about the sessions check-out the DC_ Peacebuilding Trainings or contact us at daliasendra (at)



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