Funding Social Innovation: exploring the funding ecosystem in Europe 1

Tomorrow at Dialogue Cafe:

Funding Social Innovation:
exploring the funding ecosystem in Europe and around the world 

This event is organised by the Social Innovation eXchange (SIX), with Cisco and Dialogue Cafe, and will bring together participants from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

This SIX TelePresence session will focus on the ecology of finance which supports, directs and, in some cases, blocks the processes of social innovation. All over the world, there are now many funds for social innovation, as well as institutions with dedicated innovation units or teams within large institutions who play a key role in mobilising resources for social innovation. Despite this, finance for social innovation is often inadequate, ill-suited, or unsustainable, and therefore remains a key factor hindering the development of social innovation.

This TelePresence session is part of the part of the Social Innovation Europe Initiative. The Social Innovation eXchange will be producing a report which will explore what a new funding model for social innovation in Europe might look like and how the selection of projects might be optimised. The idea of a multi stage fund through stages of innovation will be developed. The report will look at types (and possible combinations) of instruments needed by social innovators and ways to improve access by social innovators to existing financial resources. This TelePresence session offers a unique opportunity to guide this report and its eventual recommendations at a key moment in its development.

On 1 June 2011, SIX will bring together a selection of people for whom the ecology of finance is a primary concern; public managers and staff, social innovators, business partners, researchers, consultants and others with a stake in the finance and growth of social innovations will come together for a truly global discussion. 

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What happens when people, passion and technology collide? 0 Reply

Martin Stewart-Weeks shares his experience of co-creating democracy @ Dialogue Cafe:

There’s something powerful about the way people, technology and passion collide to create real insight and engagement.  That’s what happened at both Dialogue Cafe events at the SIX Spring School in Amsterdam last week.

Rehearsing the bare facts is impressive enough…two sessions on successive days linking Amsterdam with Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Lisbon and Amsterdam, connecting some 50 or 60 people across the two sessions in lively debate about the Arab “spring” of democratic change and what it might mean for the region and for other countries too.  And all enabled across a platform of high quality video technology that made you feel you were just around the corner, not right across the world.

But these basic facts are not the real story.  The real story is the kind of human interaction and engagement which the Cafe provisions, creating a relatively simple platform (give or take a bit of technical wizardry behind the scenes!) that allows people with insight, experience and expertise to share and teach.

We talk a lot about the need for massive doses of understanding, learning and tolerance to ease some of the tensions in our world and to build effective bridges between cultures.  Indeed, that is what the Dialogue Cafe venture is all about.  But in the end, you build bridges between cultures by nurturing connections between people.  In fact, it’s the only way to make change happen and to make it stick.  What we saw last week in Amsterdam was a powerful illustration of how that works in practice, one lively, engaging and provocative conversation at a time.

And the quality and impact of both sessions motivated their own consequences, with energetic agreement by those involved to come together in a couple of months to keep the discussion going, to learn more and to look for ways to support the “spring” reforms in the Middle East and, just as importantly, to put the lessons being learned about the power of co-creating democratic change to good use for all of us.

Powerful stuff indeed…     

By Martin Stewart-Weeks

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