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20190509_Youngsters views on human rights


The general objective of this session would be the realisation of an exchange of ideas among the students of Dialogue Cafe Network countries, based on a critical, intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective with a focus on the promotion of counter-hegemonic knowledge and practices.

It is intended with this session that there is a question mark of each student about what moves us, what unworthy us, what is happening on the other side of the border.

We know that human rights are the basic rights of all human beings, but are they living in the same way in all countries? We also hope that this session will help students in their academic and personal lives.

Regarding the methodology, from an informal but at the same time critical pedagogical approach centered on school subjects. We cannot forget what the Dialogue Cafe is, and as such this will not be a class session, but an exchange of experiences among young people that brings them great value.

The activity will be composed of 10th year students, from the Language and Humanities class, with an average age of 15 years.

These students are focused on the subject of Human Rights and will work on this subject in their academic course so we think this sharing between cultures is important.


For more detailed information:

Dialogue CafĂ© Association – Dalia Sendra (daliasendra@casadoregalo.pt)

Dialogue Café Évora – Ana Rita Valido (ana.valido@adral.pt)



Conceiving and Implementing Inclusion Strategies for NEET´s 0 Reply


strategies for neets (2)

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Youth Leaders 4 SDGs & 2030 Agenda 0 Reply

2019.02.12_Youth Leaders 4 SDG 2030 Agenda
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Human Rights Day

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Social Innovation Initiatives Supporting NEETs 0 Reply


Engaging Europe’s young people as possible in the world of work, is one of the major challenges the European Union, and other regions of the world, face nowadays. High levels of youth unemployment and thus disengagement among young people are direct consequences of the global economic crisis suffered in the latest years, but are not the only factors.

Since 2010, the term NEET has been used at the policy level to describe young people not in employment, education or training. At the EU level a percentage of 14.2% of the population aged 15–29[1]. While at the global level NEETs varies widely according to both location and sex. According to the ILO Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017 report[2], young women are over three times more likely to be NEET than young men (34% of young women against 10% of young man are NEETs). Indeed, the proportion of youth NEET global estimation is 28.1%, 76.9 per cent of which are female.


In this context, Dialogue Café Association and its network members would like to analyse how social innovation can support NEET´ social inclusion and present initiatives community initiatives helping young people to change depressed NEET situations. Initiatives targeting and providing individualized and tailored attention and service to young people at risk of exclusion will be shared in this international session.

This session will allow us to debate on issues concerning prevention of this situation, the resources that need to be mobilised at the local level, as well as the mechanisms that must be promoted to offer better opportunities and solutions to young people.

The session will take place on 29 November 2018 from 15h to 17h London time and will join participants based in different cities such as Évora, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro!

Provisional Programme

Dialogue Café Lisbon (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian):

Dialogue Café Évora (Eugênio de Almeida Foundation): 

 Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro (UCAM Universidade):

Contact us for further information at info@dialoguecafe.org

 [1] European Commission Reference

[2] ILO Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017 Report: “Paths to a better working future” – https://www.ilo.org/global/publications/books/global-employment-trends/WCMS_598669/lang–en/index.htm




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